Tips to avoid common diseases


When it comes to living a healthy life, prevention is the key. Unlike the animals, the human immune system is not very strong, and that is why you might see a cow drink dirty water, and survive while a human doing the same would fall ill. It is for this reasons why people need to be cautious and careful of how they lead their lives.

It is crucial to ensure that you take enough time to learn how to live better and prevent yourself from contacting some of the common illnesses. Some of them are life-threatening, and others just cause minor discomforts, but nonetheless, they should all be prevented. Here is our guide on how to prevent some common diseases.

Preventing common diseases


Malaria is a disease that is mostly associated with mosquitoes. Malaria is caused by a plasmodium parasite that lives in infected mosquitoes. These parasites live in anopheles mosquitoes—Anopheles is a one of the Mosquito
genus—and particularly the females. Mosquitoes need iron to give rise to viable offspring, and the human blood is the top source for this important nutrient. If you are going to safari in Africa, then you will most likely encounter mosquitoes. The best way to prevent Malaria is to apply insect repellent on your skin, or sleep under a treated Mosquitoes net.


Typhoid, or typhoid fever is one of the serious diseases that can be easily prevented. Basically it is a bacterial infection that can lead to a number of symptoms. Some of the symptoms include mild fever. The disease might last for up to thirty days, agonizing the infected person. Typhoid only affects humans, and comes are a result of poor hygiene. The most common cause is the contact of human fesses and food or water. If you get water from a river, then make sure to thoroughly boil it before drinking it. This is because sewages are known to treat the waste and release it into water bodies. Sometime, the waster isn’t well treated and can cause typhoid.


Pneumonia is a rare disease but mainly caused klsndkvlnlaskdvlkasldkvnlksndvlksandvasdvby being exposed to cold weather. Make sure that you wear warm clothes during cold seasons, and stay away from rain. Pneumonia can be a serious and life-threatening disease, therefore, make sure to prevent it and enhance your health. For instance, on a rainy day, make sure to carry an umbrella or a rain-coat.